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Invitation to cooperation

Certyfikat firmy Wiarygodnej Biznesowo

We would like to invite you to cooperate in renting our utility space, especially given that the area in which we operate has extensive and professional technical and energy infrastructure necessary to support demanding businesses, including the possibility of adapting the existing space to be used as cleanrooms.

We believe that an additional advantage of our location is our state of the art facility for producing cooling water, our technical gases installations (H2, N2) and the fact that we are also able to provide other necessary power media.

A good recommendation of the technical capabilities at our premises at Wólczyńska 133 can be seen in our long-term co-operation with Topsil Semiconductor Materials S.A., a leading manufacturer of silicon wafers, as well as the location of the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, scientific background of Polish innovative thinking, whose recent resounding success is technologies for producing and manufacturing of flakes GRAPHENE.

We would like to invite you to take into account the potential of CeMat'70 when making your future business location decisions. We provide reliable advice at every stage of cooperation, and endeavour to ensure that every space meets not only the highest standards of quality and utility, but also the client's expectations.

Please contact our advisor at tel. +48 22 569 87 33, +48 668 199 951, mail : m.miller@cemat70.com in order to obtain comprehensive information about our offer.

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