Commercial real property for companies

CeMat ’70 is the commercial real property expert which specialises in the office, warehouse and ground rental in Warsaw and its vicinity.

Our offer is directed to the business customers who want to rent offices in the strategic locations (business centre). We present you offices for rent in different finishing standards and various sizes. Those rooms are located, among others, at a newly built office complex (Warsaw, ul. Wólczyńska 133). A total useful area of the offices for rent is 60,000 square metres. We invite you to watch the photo gallery of our office spaces for rent.

Warsaw is a perfect place for a variety of business investment. In the neighbouring area of ul. Wólczyńska there are expanding investment works – this complex constitutes a perfect location for various businesses – including production and warehousing. After the express road are finished, ul. Wólczyńska will have a convenient communication both with the rest of the city and with the rest of the country, which certainly will be a great asset of this vicinity full of perspectives (see the map in the REAL PROPERTY OFFER tab – N-S route under construction and the Most Północny).

Offices rental in Warsaw - counselling

Both entrepreneurs and investors, who are interested in office spaces for rent, can count on the complex, reliable consulting services. We can assist you in choosing an office which will meet your expectations in the following terms - area, usefulness, strategic and price. Taking a series of factors into account, we will certainly find a mutually optimal solution.

Our qualified staff can also arrange the office area and facilitate the entry road to the office building to make the choice of an office the most satisfying.

The team of CeMat is formed up of the well-prepared commercial real property specialists. We have many years of experience in the office, warehouse, building and ground market. We constantly monitor the real property area to provide you with the modern, reliable solutions in the best conditions.

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