Commercial real property for industrial activity

The production and office complex CeMat ’70, located at ul. Wólczańska 133, is a perfect place for a the production activity. We have modern functional production buildings for rent for enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries.

Those production spaces are modern rooms with different sizes. Considering the Customers’ needs and the requirements of a specific industry, we adapt production buildings, warehouses and facilities. If you decided to rent a building, you can count on the professional service in:

  • choosing an optimal building for indented activity – considering a series of factors, we will together choose the best option in strategic terms,
  • arranging and equipping the production space – we made available machines which allows for launching a production,
  • upgrading the infrastructure of an object – we connect necessary utilities and improve the logistic processes,
  • upgrading the infrastructure of an object – we connect necessary utilities and improve the logistic processes,
Production spaces with an office and warehouse part

Production buildings located at the facility together with warehouses and office rooms form up a total area of 60,000 square metres. We have ergonomically designed production spaces consisting of one or several rooms. To improve the industrial operations, we can modify the number of entrances and the arrangement of the walls.

The main advantages of the production buildings are:
  • a convenient location – Wólczańska 133 is a business centre with the development opportunities. In the neighbourhood the express roads are being built (N-S and TMP) which ensure an efficient communication locally and nationally,
  • closeness of office rooms and warehouses, which enable concentration of a particular department of a company in one place,
  • advantageous rental conditions,
  • modern production and logistic systems.
There is a possibility to adapt the existing premises for clean surfaces such as Clean Room

Call us or send a request for proposal on +48 22 569 87 33, +48 668 199 951, for further information on our offer.

We provide counselling and services at the highest level. In 2010 we were awarded with the Certificate of Business Credibility. Contact us! CeMat ‘70 S.A. Warszawa