Warehouses and storage facilities.

CeMat ’70 offers warehouses and production spaces for rent in our buildings, located in Warsaw, at ul. Wółczyńska 133. Its total useful area is as much as 60,000 m2.

Currently, we can offer you production and storage spaces for rent in the 6th and 7th building in our complex. Interested customers and enterprises can access our plans of the buildings considering vacant warehouses and offices for rent. Each building in our offer has a convenient location in the ground floor and can be used as a warehouse or as a utility room.

Warehouses and production buildings in a strategic location

Warehouses with social facilities for rent and an office space in our business complex at Wólczańska 133 are a future-oriented investment. The land where our warehouses are located is a full developed area. With a view to facilitate our users with logistic activities, transport and communication, we can expand the infrastructure network. We also help to adjust an object for the industry requirements and customer’s expectations.

The scope of our services covers connection of proper utilities to the warehouse, re-arrangement of walls, modernisation of the infrastructure etc. Each warehouse space can be individually adapted to meet the needs of a certain activity. You can launch a production and warehousing based on our technical facilities and a machine fleet. Basing on our specialised knowledge built for many years, we provide modern and reliable solutions. Owing to our qualified specialists we provide intelligent warehouse and logistic system for our tenants.

Extensive energy infrastructure allows to deliver media(electricity, technical gases- H2, N2, O2, Ar, natural gas, compressed air, ice water) in sufficient quantities to prevent needs of the most demanding customers.

A series of new works and investment plans make this neighbourhood an attractive place to conduct service, warehousing services etc. Currently built express road will significantly facilitate the logistics and communication with warehouses.

Contact the adviser of CeMat ’70 calling +48 22 569 87 33, +48 668 199 951, m.miller@cemat70.com.pl for further information on the offer.

A convenient location of warehouses, advantageous conditions of rental, modern solutions – CeMat ’70

Wólczyńska 133 St., Warsaw